The amazing wedding party! Thanks to everyone. Love you all.
A picture from our recent trip to Yosemite! It was amazing.
We are engaged to be married on June 15, 2013! Check out our Wedding site.
Holly and I at the baseball game. Go Padres!
Who else? My Brother! Epic win.

Camping at White Cloud

August 31st, 2013

One really fun adventure this month. We went camping at White Cloud and of course we took a few pictures. Even though it was only one night, it was wonderful to go camping together. Looking forward to going again before the end of the year. We went on a couple small hikes, including walking on a small part of the pioneer's trail. We also walked to the edge of a valley which had a great view. Love getting into the out doors.

We are still loving the pantry we got for the house. Plenty of space. Before we had that space the kitchen felt beyond cramped. Now that we have it, I feel like we have space left over, even with a lot of stuff! Very happy with this purchase as it is the first real “furniture” purchase we have made. We also got two 16” x 20” wooden frames that fit our wedding “sign in” puzzle and our large wedding portrait photo. The frames are matching, so we have one hung on each side of our bed, which looks wonderful.

For nearly two months, we held out on getting a microwave. It was a great experience because that meant we were cooking dinners on the stove every day. It does make re-heating left-overs a bit difficult. So, I'm glad we finally got one, but it was worth the hiatus to get into a good routine of cooking "real" meals. :) One of the main things I wanted it for was to prepare my morning oatmeal. There’s something about the efficiency of 1.5 cups water in the hotshot, then 45 seconds in the microwave that makes the cinnamon raisin oatmeal the perfect consistency.

We got our first "bulk" order of black beans, rolled oats, and two food-grade buckets. The oatmeal was $22 for 25 pounds, and just about fills both of the 4 gallon buckets to the top. WOW so much oatmeal for such a great price. Since I eat it virtually every day for breakfast, it's a good investment.

Jax decided one night when we were going out to let her go to the bathroom, that she wanted to chase a deer. No amount of yelling could deter her as she took off after that deer. She went far down into the canyon behind our house. I followed her for a little bit, which lead along some paths that were clearly deer paths (narrow, packed down, dead grass, including some deer scat and all).

I was just about to get in the car and drive around to the bottom of the canyon when she came back home. Boy she was out of breath but terribly happy, and proud of herself. I brought a full bowl of water out and she drank half of it nearly instantly. Keep in mind, she was chasing the deer down the hill, so to get home she had to run back up the hill. Glad she knows how to get home though. Made us worried, but she sure enjoyed it.

Holly finally got her iPhone5 after the iPhone4 took a swim in the pond a few months ago. I recognize how incredibly patient she was, so I'm glad she was finally able to get that. (When the previous 2-year contract was up.)

One last thing, we found a new favorite band, Celtic Woman, with some of our favorites like The Voice, Caledonia, Scarborough Fair and Amazing Grace. We've watched their performances on YouTube a couple times and they're absolutely amazing performers. They are touring in the U.S. but they are starting on the east coast, and the furthest west they are coming is Texas. If they were performing in California any time in the next year or two, I probably would have bought tickets today.

All in all a pretty great month. Getting closer to winter though. I can see fall coming. A few leaves are starting to drop.

Welcome All

You have found my ever evolving web presence. So, you know how it goes. The plan sounds great, but then actual implementation does not always go quite as planned. Well, the PLAN is to develop this site into three things:

  • Personal Blog — Posts from time to time of things I'm doing.
  • Resume — My accomplishments and current activities.
  • Digital Workshop — Testing area for new stuff.

Once again, I've found another great template, and, again, changed the underlying php framework. But, as always, we will see how things go.